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You receive numerous benefits from being a part of Jelber:

  • First of all we connect you with exciting clients and projects
  • Increased marketing and promotion of you and your skills
  • We introduce you to larger companies and organizations through our Customer Service Agreements
  • Avoidance of procurement and hassle with contracts and documents
  • Recognition as one of the best in your field
  • Advice and guidance regarding budgeting and scoping of projects
  • Professional follow-up and evaluation of your projects
  • Benefits through strategic collaborations, knowledge sharing, and social events (DK).

We are looking for the best

It's easy to conduct a search on Google, LinkedIn, or a digital service and obtain a lengthy list of freelancers. However, we don't maintain long lists or catalogs of individuals for companies to browse through. Our goal is to feature only the very best specialists in each category we cover. In return, our clients are guaranteed to engage with individuals possessing experience, strong references, relevant industry insights, and a high level of expertise.

If we haven't already had the pleasure of getting to know you, we're eager to do so. In addition to documenting references, cases, and qualifications, we always conduct a personal interview and provide ongoing project follow-up. The better we understand you, the better we can match you with the right tasks.

There's no commitment required from your end, and it won't hinder your ability to have your own clients. However, we aspire to establish a long-term and strategic partnership with our specialists.

Get started now

We use a proven and well documented process, and for you as a specialist, it works as follows:

  • We begin with a personal dialogue, and you register with Jelber through our signup page
  • All data and information are stored and handled according to the standard GDPR regulations
  • Once we've identified a potential project that matches your expertise, we send you a briefing and engage in a dialogue about the project to agree on deliverables, timing, and compensation
  • You are introduced, and the project can commence
  • We handle the formalities and billing to the customer
  • On a monthly basis or upon completion of the task, you send us an invoice for the agreed amount, and we invoice the customer
  • After the project is concluded, we conduct an evaluation of the collaboration with the customer

Question or need help ?

Claus Leinøe and Thomas Kragh are the founders of Jelber. We both have more than 20 years of experience in advising and developing strong brands, creating effective marketing campaigns, and innovative digital platforms.

Contact us, and we can discuss your skills and profile further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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