Get an overview and control of your freelancers, their expenses, and time usage like never before!

Are you missing a good overview of freelancer usage? Are you struggling to manage the finances of marketing projects? Do you lack insight into how hours are being spent?

JelberTool gives you an easy and simple overview and helps you harness the full potential of your freelancers. Now you can increase productivity, promote collaboration, and effortlessly scale up and down.

Get a comprehensive solution for managing your marketing workforce

JelberTool has been developed in collaboration with customers who have been missing a simple tool to manage their freelancers, where existing tools like Asana, Jira, WorkBook, and others are not suitable or are too large, expensive, and complicated.

It's a simple and user-friendly system that provides a comprehensive overview of freelancers and projects throughout the organization. It makes task management, time tracking, resource, and financial reporting simple and easy for everyone. The solution is cloud-based so everyone can access it without having to install software on their own computers.

JelberTool is especially aimed at companies that need a simple management tool for their marketing resources. With an easy and straightforward setup of different roles, you ensure overview and value for management, administrators, project managers, internal resources, and freelancers.

What do clients say?

"Using the JelberTool, we have significantly improved transparency on how we track hours spent by our various freelancers.

The tool is simple and intuitive and was easy to embed into our workflows. Based on the learnings we get from time tracking this way, we are able to estimate better, plan, re-allocate and also optimize how we’re working with freelancers"

Madicken Baltzer Skovholm
Head of Creative Services
ALK-Abello A/S

Create overview and take control

It has never been easier to get an overview of projects and resources, so you can focus on the tasks.

  • Project Management: Now you can effortlessly create, assign, and track your marketing projects in real-time. Maintain an overview of projects, finances, and progress.
  • Simple Role Setup: Ensures value and user-friendliness for management/admin, project managers, and freelancers/internal resources.
  • Detailed Time Tracking: Our time tracking feature allows for precise logging of work hours.
  • Financial Overview: Never lose sight of finances again! Set budget goals, monitor spending, and gain insight into the finances of your marketing and digital projects.
  • Planning: Initiate projects, allocate resources, and monitor progress to ensure timely delivery of each project.
  • Insightful Reporting: Make decisions based on data. Gain valuable insights into project finances and resource utilization to optimize productivity.
  • Scalability: Our system is designed to adapt and scale up or down according to your needs. Manage one project or a hundred. One freelancer or as many as you need.
  • Open System: Everyone in your organization can access the system, and you control it based on their role. Assign your own freelancers and employees, as well as access Jelber's large pool of freelancers, so you always have the right resources at your fingertips.
  • Contract Management: Contracts and agreements with your freelancers are stored in one place and easy to access.
  • Feedback and Evaluation: Opportunity for structured and easy evaluation of work on projects.

Book a demo now

Contact us for a presentation of the system.

  • Simple - we can demonstrate it via an efficient Teams meeting
  • Quick - you can get started the same day
  • Cost-effective:
    • Admin license DKK 400 per month
    • Own employees and freelancers DKK 100 per month
    • Jelber freelancers use for free



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